Hi Sasha :) Welcome back! :love:

6 minutes ago 1

Hello guys):)

9 minutes ago

Hey Frenchies

6 hours ago

Hello folks :mm1:

6 hours ago

Good Morning Snow , @ NL I hope your new pool cue will perform better :D

7 hours ago

Goood morning :) Have a lovely week everyone :bah:

8 hours ago
NL's Avatar NL

I've been playing a lot of pool again lately and finally decided to buy my own pool cue so I no longer have to use those provided by the pool hall, which are never quite straight and often have very bad tips. Will get it next saturday and I can't wait to test it it out!

1 day ago 2

Hi , how many players are playing everyday?

1 day ago

Good morning here :sun:

1 day ago

Good Morning :sun:

1 day ago

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