=RpR= Uniform

The Official =RpR= Uniform!

Thank you to Jacobston for your wonderful gift to the =RpR= family. We will wear it proudly and always remember you! Thank you to Wanger who helped fix the missing texture. The uniform replaces the British Battledress with summer. As soon as we can add new items, characters and weapons to the game, this too will become a standalone item in the uniform list. Download and extract into your main H&D2 folder.

=RpR= Uniform Addon

Many thanks to RellHaiser for creating a mod so that our =RpR= uniform is a new item in the game
We can now add our uniform to maps using item 44 with ammo as 1.
Below you have a downloading link with the =RpR= uniform created by Jacobston with the "Tables" mod and "Text" folders updated by RellHaiser


Hi Maki! Have a great weekend too :)

Hey Stiff and Mario :) I will make a forum post tomorrow with the missions we have on our server so everyone can participate in making the lists :)

4 hours ago

Hello ! plis update new mappack serwer Justice

7 hours ago

hi everyone :) server justice high lags, i canot play

7 hours ago

Good Evening boys:cool:
Have a marvelous weekend :love:

8 hours ago 1

Good morning, beautiful people. Have a splendid weekend :yes:

17 hours ago

Morning :love:

1 day ago

Hallluuuu here :cool::sun:

2 days ago 1

Good morning :cool:

3 days ago

has someone tried my new co-op mod NORMANDY2C? It's on Discord - new missions :cool:

4 days ago 1

Hey Jake :thug: Same here :sun:

4 days ago

Hello folks, lovely spring week here

4 days ago 1

Have a loving new week :heart:

4 days ago

Good morning! Have a blessed Sunday, Maki :sun:

5 days ago

Good morning all :cool:
Have a great day :love:

5 days ago

New missions list on our Justice server!

6 days ago

Good morning! Happy weekend, everyone :cool:

6 days ago

Howdy :cowboy:
Where do you plan to sail with your boat, Pino? :mm6:

1 week ago

I need my boat, I living in Sardhinia (a island in a mediterranean sea), for sailing :) saturday will be 28°

1 week ago 1

Cool :cool: From tomorrow, we will have over 20 °C again :party:

1 week ago

Here Always 32 °C the day and 28 °C the night . I'm a ice cube in Libya . :yes:

1 week ago

Maybe you have a hot day, here it's raining :D

1 week ago

Good morning all :cool:
Have a hot day :sun:

1 week ago

Good morning! Have a happy Tuesday :raining:

1 week ago

Nitey nite :yes:

1 week ago

Good morning :sun:

1 week ago

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