Hello guys 22º sunny day.:sun:
Shift change at work, I get nights

1 hour ago 1


6 hours ago

Goooood morning :mm4:

6 hours ago

Good night :sleepy:

16 hours ago


17 hours ago

I don’t think, there are only imported species :D

18 hours ago 1

Do you have coucou in Madagascar?

18 hours ago

Hey Snow :D

18 hours ago

Goooooooooood evening :)

19 hours ago

17° C here too :cool: Hey Maki

1 day ago 1

Hello :cool:
Now 17° C blue sky and great sun :sun:

1 day ago 1

Helloooooo :mm2:

1 day ago 1


1 day ago

22º here also :yes:

1 day ago

Not quite 20 degrees here...
But still enjoying the start of spring :smoke:

2 days ago 3

Hello guys 22º :sun:, happy week to all :celebrate:

2 days ago 3


2 days ago

Going out to finish cleaning the dead stuff around the house and hopefully get the swing mounted. 20 C over here :mm6:

2 days ago 2

Hello! :banana:

2 days ago

Goood morning :sun: Have a beautiful week!

2 days ago


3 days ago

Happy Father's day for those who celebrate it! :heart:

3 days ago 1

Yep ... Africa Oasis B

3 days ago 1

Snow?!?! Is that old dodgy oasis map still in the CMP? The one with loads of reinforcements I mean.

3 days ago 1


3 days ago

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