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Hidden & Dangerous 2

2 eventualities
  • You are running a different version of HD2 then the server's host. Make sure you have the latest version 1.12 running.
    HD2 patches (v1.12) via
  • You have not installed the HD2 Add-On Sabre Squadron, therefore you cannot join any co-operative gamestyle servers. Install the Add-On and you're fine.
Somebody is using the same CD-key as you. You can wait until the player leaves server or change your key. Therefore use appropriate tools like key changer, key generato, etc. (via ).
Download this simple and safe PowerShell script to change your Cd-key when needed. Download Script Here
If you have no more lives and you cannot click one of the spawn points on the map, then press ~ key (default console key, you probably need to define it in your HD2 keyboard settings) and then press ESC key. Make sure you have already clicked on one of the available spawn points on the map.
You don't have the mission files installed which do run on server. You either need to download and unpack latest CMP (Coop Map Package) or find and install the missing mission separately.
CMP (via )
You can try the following steps
  1. Execute setup.exe (run as administrator)
  2. Turn full-screen anti-aliasing OFF
  3. Lauch HD2.exe / HD2_SabreSquadron.exe as administrator
Run HD2 setup (setup.exe, in your HD2 main directory) and turn "vertical synchronization" on.
This can have several reasons. Please read the Create Server tutorial carefully first.
Create Server tutorial
If it still does not works see following checklist
  • Have your forwarded the server ports you are using?
  • Does your firewall blocks any HD2 programs?
Make sure your game is patched to version 1.12. Gamespy is no longer supporting HD2 as a result server-search is not working anymore. However the community came up with some ways around, therefore please read Play Online tutorial for complete instructions.
Play Online
You need to pick a higher resolution of your game from Setup.exe. If this doesn't work, you will have to use the scaling option in your video card settings to have HD2 full screened.
However this might distort the screen.
  • Start HD2.
  • Open task manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del -> Task Manager)
  • If you haven't done it already, click "More details" at the bottom left.
  • Click the ">" next to the HD2 process.
  • Right click the expanded process and select Maximize.
  • Note: You have to repeat these steps anytime you start HD2
We suggest to use the dgVoodoo solution also mentioned in this FAQ
The DeLisle is sadly a little bugged. If you are using the iron sights only the first shot hits where you aim to. For further shots you need to aim a little under your actual target
Alternatively you can reload and use "first shot" again or simply use crosshairs (shooting from hip)

Shay has fixed this bug with his new model for De Lisle Commando Carbine. Please download and follow the Read Me.txt file instructions.
De Lisle Commando Carbine

DeLisle_1 DeLisle_2
Basic steps
  1. Download latest version of Voodo on
  2. Copy dgVoodooCpl.exe and the three dll files in MS folder into your HD2 main directory
  3. Run HD2 setup.exe and tick Fullscreen
  4. Run dgVodooCpl. Under Appereance, select window mode and choose "stretched keep Aspect ratio"
  5. Restart your computer
  6. Run HD2 and press Alt + Enter to switch into fullscreen mode

Thank you tomme for making this great video tutorial ;)
Download the Widescreen Fix and extract it in your game directory.
Widescreen Fix
Widescreen Fix
Download the mod (created by ProSabre) and place it in your Models directory.
No Flags Mod

No Flags Mod
Download the Sniper Optics Enhanced (created by Winter5), place Maps and Models folders into your H&D2 directory.
Sniper Optics Enhanced

Sniper Optics Enhanced
Thanks to Wanger we can fix the missing Czech railway man cap by downloading and moving this image inside the Maps folder into your H&D2 directory. To be used when playing with this role.
Czech Railway Man Cap

Czech railwayman cap


New week, new missions list for Justice server

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Have a happy new week everyone :love:

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Good morning :sun: Just checked the server - it's not crashed. Also see some players on Justice reporting connection problems.

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what's going on here, there's a gigantic fireworks display (in May?) for cities that have too much money. Perhaps the football club's relegation was celebrated.

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hello, I played a little online, Si1 Day ok, Nm2C enemy without weapon, have to check it myself;)

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Server manager crashed again. Restarted! :)

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Server Manager crashed. Just restarted!

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Good morning! Have a beautiful new week everyone :cool:

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Week 4 missions list on Justice!

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