The following tutorial is about installing HD2 and its Add-On Sabre Squadron.

Download game files

We expect that you possess the original disks of Hidden & Dangerous 2 and use the downloadable version as backup only.
Download HD2 and Sabre Squadron Add-On.
HD2 Original (3 CDs)

HD2 Sabre Squadron (2 CDs)
 The no-CD crack can be downloaded here. However the crack is also contained in HD2_Sabre-Squadron_(eng).7z

The game with expanison can be downloaded on too. Thanks Capt. Stirling for spotting.
If you are choosing link be aware we have not tested installation yet, might be completely different as with the .iso files. Please let us know if and how it worked.


If you are going to install the game with the original disks you can start directly with step 6 after installing HD2 and Sabre Squadron.
  1. Install 7-Zip or another unpacking tool
  2. Unpack HD2_(eng).7z and HD2_Sabre-Squadron_(eng).7z with 7-Zip
  3. Install Daemon tools
  4. Install HD2: Execute Daemon and mount Disk1.iso and start game installation. (in this tutorial we have chosen the following installation path: "C:/Program Files (x86)/Illusion Softworks/Hidden & Dangerous 2/". When it asks for the next disk you point to Disc2.iso and so on.
  5. Install Sabre Squadron (same procedure)
  6. Patch the game to latest version 1.12
    HD2 Patch v1.12 (only if you have not installed Sabre Squadron Add-On)
  7. In your extracted HD2 Sabre Squadron files, (where .iso files are located) unpack vng-ss12.rar and replace the unpacked HD2_SabreSquadron.exe with the one in your default installation directory (see Step 3, here: "C:/Program Files (x86)/Ilusion Softworks/Hidden & Dangerous 2/HD2_SabreSquadron.exe")
  8. If you now click on HD2_SabreSquadron.exe and the game does not run, make sure you execute the game as administrator (right-click HD2_SabreSquadron.exe, select properties, go to compatibility tab and tick "run as administrator", save and exit)
  9. To find internet servers please read Play Online! tutorial.
  10. Download and install the latest Coop Map Package (CMP)
    To install the package, simply copy the downloaded archive (.7z) into your HD2 main directory and extract it. As soon as it finishes you have all the custom missions installed exisitng at the time of compilation.

Purchase the game

You can purchase Hidden & Dangerous and Hidden & Dangerous 2 with Sabre Squadron expansion on Steam or GOG platforms.

Additional software

The game files are archived and therefore you need a unpacking tool like 7-zip. You may use other tools but make sure they can handle .7z archives.
7-Zip (choose windows version)

The game files are stored as .ISO files. To be able to install the game you need a software to mount these image files so your computer thinks you have the disks.
To do so, download Daemon Tools Lite (free software).
Daemon Tools Lite

Now you are ready to play


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