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In HD2 there's no auto-downloading (installing) possible. So we need to do some handwork. But don't worry, it's simple.
Now basically you need to download a custom mission, unzip it (as in most cases the files been archived) and then copy the new files into your HD2 main directory.

HD2 main directory by default (64-bit Windows) is located here:
C:\\Program Files (x86)\Illusion Softworks\Hidden & Dangerous 2
and for 32-bit Windows:
C:\\Program Files\Illusion Softworks\Hidden & Dangerous 2


If you have sucessfully unzipped the mission files you should have got following folders
  • Missions
  • Scripts
  • Models
  • Maps
  • Sounds
Now just move these folders into your HD2 main directory.
To check if you have all done correctly you're folder structure should look like below.

C:\\...\Hidden & Dangerous 2\Missions\MISSION_NAME (contains scene.4ds, actors.bin, scene2.bin, tree.klz, ...)
C:\\...\Hidden & Dangerous 2\Scripts\MISSION_NAME (contains .scr files)
C:\\...\Hidden & Dangerous 2\Models\MODEL_NAME.4DS
C:\\...\Hidden & Dangerous 2\Maps\IMAGE_NAME.BMP
C:\\...\Hidden & Dangerous 2\Sounds\SOUND.WAV

Additional files like .txt files as the ReadMe you don't need to copy. However if you want to play a custom mission
on your own server then you have to update your mpmaplist.txt file which is in your HD2 main directory.
Update maplist tutorial


New week, new missions list for Justice server

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hello, I played a little online, Si1 Day ok, Nm2C enemy without weapon, have to check it myself;)

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Server Manager crashed. Just restarted!

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Week 4 missions list on Justice!

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