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The main focus of the Team-led Coop is for the spirit of the game and not too much on the rules. It will require discipline, patience and to follow the orders of the chosen Teamleader for the current map. Every player must be TL at least once in our group for that evening. The TL (Teamleader) will change after every map. We will do this by asking for volunteers.

Our goal is to play a much more realistic version of H&D2 than we are used to playing while having a balanced, and in some cases, flexible rules.

Our goal is not to finish a map with the easiest known way, but by finding new strategies and new methods every time. To bring all the players to completely new situations, we must try to finish a map differently every time.

We are open for ideas, feedback and hope that every member tries to bring himself into the community.

We take it serious but we know that it is a game and a game shall be fun.


Using a formation for our group is not a "must" and it's up to the TL to decide any kind of formation. In some maps, using formations, will not make any sense. However, the roles assigned by the TL are very important and must be clear.

Every player is allowed to choose the class he/she wants to pick for the evening, but if one of the essential classes like Medic and maybe Engineer are missing, it's the TL's job to ask for volunteers and pick himself if there are no volunteers.


We will use no more than 4 classes. You can follow the examples below on what you need to carry and what are the possible roles of each class.

The inventory setups can vary depending on personal preferences and needs within the group!
SOLDIER (standard class)
Soldier Class
No map can start with at least one soldier.

He can carry a medium gun with ca. 100 rounds, 0-1 grenade, small empty backpack for special stuff like a camera, sticky or some found plans, keys...

Possible role:

Usually the soldier is the class that can be assigned to be a pointman. This is not necessary and it's up to the TL to pick a pointman or change him in critical situations, for example if he is wounded or cannot perform this role as the TL expects him to do it. The pointman is a temporary position in a team and his position is in front of a group. He is in the highest risk, to get shot first.

You must understand that the pointman is the "eye" of the TL(and for the whole group), because he sees first what kind of trouble is waiting for the group, so reporting to the TL what he sees, may keep the whole group alive. In dangerous situations, when the pointman tells the group to stop, the TL can come up to the pointman to see and judge the situation.

The TL can also set a double point or even a triple point if necessary.

The pointman's role in our group is to detect enemies, to report them if possible, BEFORE starting a firefight. He has to guide the group, if the TL gives the explicit order. That is why the TL has to tell him what he expects from the pointman.

A good TL will replace the pointman by another, if the pointman is close to final death.

MG Gunner Class
He can carry a big mama(heavy gun), binocular, 0-1 grenade and maximum of ammo in pouches, NO BACKPACK

The MG gunner, usually takes the second position, behind pointman, not obligatory, but helpful against counterattacks of the enemy.

Medic Class
He can carry a medium gun ca. 100 bullets, 0-2 grenades, binocular, big backpack (AFRICA YELLOW), Red Barret and maximum of medipacks

Medic means the ONLY possibility to get healed when being wounded. If the medic is down, you can see the team dieing one after another.

Engineer Class
He can carry a medium gun ca. 100 bullets, 2 grenades, binocular, big backpack(green), maximum ammo for all the guns used by other soldiers joining the mission, Green cowboy hat.

The engineer is responsible for carrying the ammo, blowing up things and searching dead enemies for further grenades and stuff. So the engineer means more ammo, grenades and mines. If the engineer is down, the amount of ammo is going to be critical soon especially for the MG Gunner.

Both Medic and Engineer are primarily responsible to cover the group's back. If a firefight starts, it might be a good idea, especially in small groups, to let them take part in a firefight. It is on the TL to keep even these classes busy. Usually, the medic and engineer stick close together with the TL. These 3 often can be considered as a kind of small group inside the formation. In special situations, it's a good idea to ask these two guys for suggestion.

Other roles and standard rules

The sniper class does not exist. Only a soldier with a scoped rifle, if the TL wishes (it is not interesting if a player wishes this to be a sniper, because it is too easy). TL can also decide the use of silent weapons and the number of soldiers that can use a silent weapon. As standard, no silent weapons are allowed, unless TL's plan includes them.

The enemy weapons are not allowed, only when you're out of ammo and there is no ammo box nearby, you can ask your TL, if he allows you to pick up an enemy weapon.

The same goes for bazookas and enemy tanks.

The use of grenades is also forbidden, unless the TL or the squad leader tells you to throw a grenade and where to throw it. We do not want to end up with casualties because a grenade was thrown incorrectly. You must ask permission to throw a grenade.

Everyone is allowed to carry one sticky only, not just the Engineer.

Searching enemies for medipacks is the Medic's job. As well as getting grenades from the enemies is the Engineer's job.

The Teamleader(TL) can be any of the four classes mentioned above. There is no special TL class. Everyone must be able to take the lead at any time. Being worried about what people might say about your decisions is not an excuse. We must focus on the game, it doesn't matter if it fails or not.

So the TL is in any doubts the man, who coordinates his group, to keep everybody busy and to make the group as effective as possible, exploiting the resources of the group. He must use the people and not give direct orders(like positioning and how to do something). He can also make changes in classes when briefing the group. A good TL does not have to get involved in any firefight.

It's not necessary, but it's very important if the TL sets an atmosphere for the map he is leading. This can start from the briefing and continue as the events unfold. He has to challenge everyone and try to induce a feeling of curiosity mixed with fear of what might happen around the next corner or bush. Of course, everyone has to try and let go of what they know and dedicate their thoughts to the present and their role in the group. The unknown is the most attractive thing.

Here's a quote from George S. Patton:
"Don't tell people how to do things, tell them what to do and let them surprise you with their results."

A good tip for the TL is to try to give clear and precise orders, that are the result of his thoughts and not everything he is thinking of. Again, use the group and it's resources. Send your soldiers into dangerous situations, to keep it more realistic.

Every newcomer should be more focused on the group and the TL, and not primarily on the enemy.

Chat reports and commands

Our primary focus is using Teamspeak, but these can be useful to type:

faw - Fire at will
nad - Nade at will
vc - Visual contact
nv - No visuals
  • For everyone taking part of the Team-led Coop, the full use of TS3 is obligatory. Having a microphone is important, but not necessary. TL must have a microphone
  • Everyone must stick to the classes they picked for that evening
  • Everyone must follow TL's orders without a doubt. Every player has to keep his discipline
  • We will use 1st Person View and no cross-hair for realism and fairness
  • No one is allowed to spawn until the new TL has finished the briefing with the group. Everybody has
    to stay in the inventory menu, until the TL gives the command to spawn
  • Anyone who is not comfortable playing in the Team-led Coop, it's recommended that he/she expresses his/her opinion before leaving. This is not something everyone has to attend to or to like
  • Anyone not following these simple rules, will be kicked from our Teamleded Coop server

How to set up your Team-led Coop profile quickly

Having a preset profile specially for our Team-led Coop play, is very useful just because you won't have to change your normal game presets to our classes and then swich back. This way you can have all four preset classes when needed in one profile ready for action.

How to create this profile?

First you have to go in the folder where H&D2 is installed. There, you must find a folder named PlayerProfiles. In that folder, if you have more than one folder, you need to find the one that has the name of the profile you are using the most or the profile with your recent in-game controls set.

Then, Copy + Paste that folder and rename it. If you are a member of any clan, please write your nickname there, with clan name, but leave out the rank. That is not important for us.

Next you need to download, then Copy+Paste(Replace) the file called user_presets.def into the folder you
Download via OneDrive (Navigate to Misc → start downloading user_presets)

Last step is to go start H&D2, choose your new profile and if you wish, make prefered personal changes to the four class presets. That's it.

Thanks to Morty and Steff for all the help


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