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RpR gaming servers
name style IP address port
Campaign (H&D2 + SS) Coop 11001
Justice Memorial Coop 11005
Josua's Deathmatch Deathmatch 11009
Objectives/ Occupation Obj Occ VTM 11013
Private Play Any Style 11017
Organized Events Any Style 11021
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How to Host H&D2 Servers on Windows in 2021

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@pino we are playing Sunday :)

3 hours ago

Good morning. A bit grey on the forecast, but nice warm weather for this month :mm5:

3 hours ago

Good Morning All ,
There’s wind today, I hope it will chase the clouds :yes:

3 hours ago

hello, somone for coop???

12 hours ago

Events for upcoming weekend tomorrow! Stay tuned!

12 hours ago

Good morning, Maki :mm5:
Blue sky today :sun:

1 day ago

Good Morning , grey sky today ;(

1 day ago

Good evening! :mm4:

1 day ago

Good morning, Maki! Have a great day! :love:

Here more :cloud:

2 days ago

Good Morning :cool:

2 days ago

Good evening, Maki!

2 days ago

Only rain and grey weather here :raining:

3 days ago

Hello , little wind , blue sky and sun of course :sun:

3 days ago

Good morning! Have a great new week!

4 days ago

Achtung cheater in DM server -qwertzu

4 days ago 1

Hallluuuu! Happy Sunday! :sun:

5 days ago

hi, i will play coop :)

5 days ago 1

You too Maki :sun:

5 days ago

Good Morning All :cool:
Have a great Saturday :banana:

6 days ago 1

i play coop

6 days ago


6 days ago

Good morning, Maki :mm4:

1 week ago

Good Morning :)

1 week ago

=RpR= New Missions server has 2 new missions for you to test. Please install Normandy 4 Port and Libya 1 Day Extended :yes: :here:

1 week ago 1

Hallluuuu :sun:
Have a beautiful day too, Maki :heart:

1 week ago

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  • Occupation
    To be decided (TBD)
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