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RpR gaming servers
name style IP address port
Campaign (H&D2 + SS) Coop 11001
Justice Memorial Coop 11005
Josua's Deathmatch Deathmatch 11009
Otto Memorial (Realism) Coop 11013
Private Play Any Style 11017
Organized Events 1 Any Style 11021
Organized Events 2 Any Style 11025
Objectives Objectives 11033
Occupation Occupation 11037
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43's Avatar 43


13 hours ago


14 hours ago


14 hours ago

And im so sorry, good weekend everyone :rambo:

14 hours ago


14 hours ago
43's Avatar 43

Hi . why is the server down again:mad:

19 hours ago


23 hours ago

You can organize a TLC without me. I don't think I can play this weekend. :mad:

23 hours ago

Absolutely excellent idea, Sergeant Major! Absolutely excellent! :beat:

23 hours ago 1

Nib asked when are we playing coop again :mm3:

23 hours ago 1

I'm working with the concert party.
Setting up a new drill training plan for those units that disappointed me yesterday.

1 day ago 1

Beeeheeeeeee! :mm4:

1 day ago


1 day ago

Good morning :sun:

1 day ago

Thank you, Juan :love:

1 day ago

Even the dictionary got it wrong.

1 day ago 1

They misspelled artillery :rofl:

1 day ago 1

Thanks guys :D

I wasn't happy about some units performance. They'll be receiving a strong worded e-mail by monday.

1 day ago 2

Hey guys 23º and it looks like showers are coming. :raining:

Have a beautiful weekend. :celebrate:

Damni happy day from Italy :champagne:

1 day ago 2

You mean inspecting the parade? "Shut up!!!":rofl:

1 day ago 1

Checking the parade in Rome

1 day ago


2 days ago

Happy Italy Day! :celebrate:

2 days ago


2 days ago

23º here also. Only a thunderstorm/rain in the past 7 days, this Tuesday. The rest passed by.

2 days ago 2

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