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hi all together

8 hours ago

How are ya? Has the week started okay for you?

9 hours ago

Howdy Jake!

12 hours ago

Howdy :sleepy:

12 hours ago 1

Hola Flo :cloud:

12 hours ago

Hey Damni. Hola Juan :cloud:

14 hours ago

Hello guys 15º here and yellow alert for rain and wind. :cloud:
Have a wonderful week

17 hours ago 1


19 hours ago

Good morning guys. Wish you all a perfect new week! :cool:

23 hours ago


1 day ago 1

Good find, wanger! Thanks for sharing

1 day ago

Found it. Thx

1 day ago 2

silenced luger aviable in first mission of operation husky sicly 1 in one of small bunkers in radio operation room on the radio

1 day ago 2

I used it in sp via „giveitem p08sil“

1 day ago

I think the silenced P08 only appears in multiplayer, I don’t remember ever seeing it in SP missions

1 day ago

I have 3! versions of hd2 and remember to have used a p08 silenced Version.

Found g43, panzerschreck etc, all hd2 ss weapons, but cant get that p08 sil!
Patch is 1.12

1 day ago

where ore all serwers ???:mad:

1 day ago

G'day Jake. Schwarzlicht, you can append a few characters to your cd-key if you have problems with it.

1 day ago

I believe there is a cd key reader / changer utility in the files section of the site as well

1 day ago 1

Found Solution to read the key out of my regestry

1 day ago

Greetings! Lost my cd key of my dvd version. Who can help me?

1 day ago

Gooooood morning, folks :smoke:

1 day ago

Hi Damni :)

1 day ago 1


1 day ago

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