2K and Hidden & Dangerous 3

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Generally if you could potentially ask them if the game series IP is buyable, you could technically hire some cheap talented devs from websites like Fiverr to help you develop the next game in the series. I would certainly be down to ask that question if my financial status would be good enough. It shouldn't cost that much as it's a 2003 classic but maybe it would cost like around 20-30k$ (assuming if its the same price as source code for example). I remember that one guy asked some devs, about some old game and source code for it (i think it was Overspeed) and they said that it was around 20 000$ dollars (which I stated as a little bit overpriced, comparing that game wasn't that well advanced at all. Yeah it was good / mid but damn). Everything's possible, just need a will to actually trynna to buy the rights for it.
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