× For each unban request, create a new topic. Also add your in-game nickname in topic title please

Read me first!

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Read me first! was created by betteryouthanme
If you are requesting to become unbanned or asking for more information about your ban, it's important that you give us following information:
  • your in-game nickname
  • your IP you are banned with
  • the day/time you were banned, just if you remember
  • server name you were playing on
This will definitly speed up the process of your request

If you want to report a bad player plese keep following in mind

Informations we need
  • player's nickname
  • reason why we should ban him/her
  • server name (e.g. "=RpR= Sabre")
  • time the player was making trouble (add timezone!)
  • upload a screenshot which validates your accusation (optional, but highly recommended)
Make sure if the player actually broke our server rules
Please check first if the player has not been banned yet!
Of course, if you are not a trusted player we re-check your accusation twice

Play Fair & Have Fun

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