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Ciao tutti.
As you know Hidden and Dangerous 2 lost many online players. I remember 100 players online in 2011. But what happened? Why all that players didn't came back?
I think its not only problem because of GameSpy. It's a problem that since 2003 gameplay wasn't changed, bug wasn't fixed, new content wasn't added.
To solve this problem I see 2 ways.
1. Somehow get LS3D engine editor with source code and full access to everything. Then update engine, add new features, make patches. It would be great but we have not it.
2. Use another game engine like Unity or Unreal Engine. Everyone understands the advantages of this solution. I will not explain in detail.

So I spent hundreds of hours to this project and it's time to share with you. Initially, I planned to share the project when the level, weapons, multiplayer is ready. But at this moment I'm too busy to finish it. All my time is taken up by job, another job, research work, python project, study and teaching in university. This is not an excuse, because I plan to return to this project AS SOON AS POSSIBLY.
And now I hope that someone will join this project and contribute.
From this day on, this project is shared, everyone can work on it.

Realized features
  • All movement types like in original H&D2 including swimming, climbing, prone moving, ladder climbing etc.
  • Inventory
  • Weapon wearing on back / take weapon to hands feature
  • ALL body animations imported
  • ALL body models imported with textures
  • 3rd person view
Planned the nearest features
  • Update movement locomotions like this  advanced locomotion  features
  • Add possibility to shot
  • Add rifle, pistol, knife and grenade
  • Add first person view
  • Physical interaction with objects/destroy objects
  • Destroyable terrain using voxels
  • Make first level (i think arctic1 would be good)
  • Add bots and mission tasks/ scripting
  • Add multiplayer mode
  • Add menu
I'm not disappearing, you can ask me any question on Discord (爪คτʀ͢͢͢oツ#6173) ID 744321840012329048 or ask on Discord channel.
I'll be in touch.
What you need for to start?
1. A wish
2. Trainable brain. 
When i started this project I didn't have experience on UE, youtube and documentation is your friend.
So lets get started.
1. Download and install  Unreal Engine 5
2. Download and install   Radmin VPN  its necessary to get access to my PC because i have NAT and its impossibly to share repository directly. I hope if this project will be needed its possible to upload repository to some SVN server. Now project's size is ~12 Gb.
3. Join to network.
Warning: Spoiler!

4. Go to [url=https://matronello/!/#hd2_repository]repository[/url]  ignore certificate warning, i didn't setup it. 
5. Now you need for username and password. To get it - write a message to me in Discord (ID 744321840012329048) and i will create user for you.
6. After connect you will see this 
Warning: Spoiler!

7. Download  TortoiseSVN  to connect to that repository and update changes and commit. 
8. Create any new folder in C:\UEProjects  for example C:\UEProjects\HD2
9. Right mouse button - SVN checkout
Warning: Spoiler!

Settings like this https://matronello/svn/hd2_repository   and C:\UEProjects\HD2. Click OK
Warning: Spoiler!

Im not sure about download speed using RadminVPN and my PC (also my PC is on only 11:00 - 02:00 UTC+4). If speed will be low, i will think about dedicated SVN server.
It should download ~7GB. After download you have working copy of repository. To commit changes - RMB - SVN Commit. I recommend reading the manual to  TortoiseSVN
10. Open Unreal Engine, in project browser RMB, show in explorer - choose C:\UEProjects\HD2\HD2.uproject
Warning: Spoiler!

11. In the right bottom corner click  Source Control - Connect to Source Control. For repository use https://matronello/!/#hd2_repository
Warning: Spoiler!

12. Now your project copy is ready! Congrats! 
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