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9 years 5 months ago #1 by TemichArtemich
noobs arrive was created by TemichArtemich
So we play with my buddy Dozer BD Clan (it clan HD2 about deathmatch) in Vietcong in some communtity and there great culture about coop. 2 years we with Doz did agitation we talk and talk show create a topic on forum but few days ago aliluia some man's wake up buy or download HD2 and start learn how play. So posible arrive /Sg X/Guderian/ (Italia) Kapral Aleksa(Serbia) /Proffesor/Vladimir/(Rus) also maybe 3-4 others. Years range 30-60. This 5 will be play in HD first time.(they can take silence sten in desert, be sure to take a colt 1911, if you will scream I hit I wounded they just will look on you and dont medicare , they absolutly dont know maps ( envy them) they absolute noobs. Yesterday I play with them haha Situation - I say "In column" ok we going, run run in formation (map Brest cold scare dark) and then I stop and start run to circle 20m, this guys really cool coop players they just run and run folow me in circle like a "tl better know what do" aahaha . Need say in some map next time "be careful guys posible attack 100-120 enemys from north"
Some guys have problem with resolution, need solve this problem, help! who knows how I try give this link its will work??

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