Flo's departure

3 years 11 months ago #1 by ShayoX
Flo's departure was created by ShayoX

snowman wrote: Take good care of each other and keep this family strong.
It's up to you now to keep this game alive.

Take a good look at Flo's request, because I feel like some of you have missed it...

Members of the clan and admins, it is your bloody duty to stay on post, we are one big family! Otherwise, why did you join in the first place? Just for the tag? I won't force you out of your jobs, I won't rip you out of your biological families, and your other duties. We have to stay strong, through the good times, and the bad times. At least have some decency to at least try to honor his request to us, because I will.

Players, we need you to stay with us, and stay strong, because without you, we simply do not exist, you are the reason why we are alive! You play the game, you are here with us!

If we cannot survive without Flo, then this is a circus, that was never meant to be...
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3 years 11 months ago - 3 years 11 months ago #2 by ProSabre
Replied by ProSabre on topic Flo's departure
Yo flow man.

You always been good to me mate. you always offered your help to me.
I value you for being helpful and you didn't have too when you may have tons overs things in your life to do.

But you helped were can, were is needed for many many years. You good man and hell lot of you are also in the Hd2 party show down.

Yes things get on TOP. And things that fallen to the bottom too. We all human and we all have a on/off switch too our feelings.
And when your tapped its hard to face back the re curing events that happen before. Don't let feeling behind. You have support.

BUT let me say ! Mighty things have happened for this game -Tons of new maps being invented with the hardest of tools to use for map creation.
Even tons of newcomers and a lot of old times have came back also.

An accomplishment wright ! You made this happen with your site, your honesty and loyal rpr.
Take a breather - snow and have a bit time for you. You my old buddy like many here in hd2.

Yes: a lot in this game is team work for further success. You have to grab success wright.
A soldier has not fallen down until he is shot wright ! I know maybe you feel shot at the moment.

We can change prospective measures and bring together new .. If we stick together.
Rpr. you have kept game alive. Tech people were you started, teach people were you left.
Tell all the world what was you passion of the game in the very beginning, tell what you love about the game, tell what you love you have.

Certain they be a ton of people to support you and you will realize what is close to your heart.
I know its this game wright its your home. Its my home too and lot of overs. Take a break - come back with a open mind snow.

I did come back and i don't know what else to say. really .
good friends across the oceans to come back too. 14 years is a lot to give up on a game when you've been so involved with it.

Don't let such a good thing go to waist. every body come together. If you put you mind to it..
you can make new ventures and new events and new begins.

All you got to do is just take a break and re think what you course is.

Soldiers don't go out of line for nothing. Get back in line. Formation.

Keep your chin up Snowman. Yours PROSABRE. Salute.
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