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Report bad players here!

4 years 1 month ago - 4 years 1 month ago #337 by Nikita
Replied by Nikita on topic Report bad players here!

Same for me m8, i do respect any fair player, whatever his prefered gamestyle. As i see it, it's just as IRL, often a majority of fair people have to suffer the behaviour of a handfull of morons. Life is life.

EDIT : And you know what, m8 ? Some call this "democracy"...
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4 years 1 month ago #338 by Rs_Funzo
Replied by Rs_Funzo on topic Report bad players here!

Nikita wrote: And you know what, m8 ? Some call this "democracy"

This is not demoracy, Nik. We have server manager. it's dictatorship and we make sules 8)

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3 years 7 months ago #339 by Doc
Replied by Doc on topic Report bad players here!
Really good game last night. Only wished Sparty and Agu stayed a little longer.

I must also present some unpleasant moments in our game. Judge for yourself!

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3 years 7 months ago - 3 years 7 months ago #340 by snowman
Replied by snowman on topic Report bad players here!
I have returned home. I have missed you all. Thank you for your patience, trust and faith in me, and in the cause that has kept this community alive. I am sorry for the roller coaster ride to those who thought I have abandoned them. The day I have made the decision to leave was a true one and to me, personally, it seemed that I might never return.

Once the old role has been released and put into good hands, hands that would inherit my devotion and dedication to this community, the hope for a better future has settled into my heart. I had left some signs of hope to those interested even if I was not sure how and if they would manifest. The summer has been very good and even if very little progress has been made, it became more and more obvious that our community could reach new heights, finally being able to create something together, open new possibilities. As my ideas began to crystalize, I decided to return with this new role. It will be though, but it would be a mistake to hesitate.

Life seemed to keep me busy, but I did decide to come back, with a new role and a clear conscience for the journey we're about to embark on. I did decide to keep a low profile and act like a regular user. I did not hide the time of my return. I knew it was a gamble having to keep acting stupid for a while, risking that my friends here would begin to doubt my real motives. I had planned to bring something good, but I could not deliver yet. I knew they might think I am spying or seeking some kind of revenge. It was not the case. Once things started rolling in a good direction, I had revealed to those most affected what had actually been going behind the scenes. I did apologize privately to those who were hurt the most, trying to explain my reason, though without concrete logic, but with honesty and sincerity. It was the truth.

In case someone here has a guilty conscience, any mistake has long been forgiven, for the lack of trust and the persistence to discredit that someone who had welcomed them into our home and introduced them to our friends. I feel that everyone I have met in all these years, no matter the difference in character, still belongs here. I also speak in the name of those who, for some reason or another do not have a strong voice here because it is not necessary or consider to keep their opinion anonymous and some have ceased to lose interest in our community. They are not few and I wish to thank them publicly for not abandoning =RpR=, the integrity and fairness it has always promised to uphold. They know it was not easy.

The =RpR= servers and forum require payment and soon, for the first time in 10 years, the majority of the required amount will be from donations. I hope others will join this effort. Otherwise, =RpR= will have to consider sharing most of its activity on our friends' servers, whom are also never forgotten and do hope we can go there and fill up that bandwidth. Concerning Discord, for those interested, things will change there too, weather you like it not.

When I had left, I had hoped things would change for the better and any differences between my friends would be solved this way. I did hesitate to not make any mistakes and hurt their feelings, but now I cannot close my eyes and continue to ignore what's going on.

Concerning the events that happened last night on our "Justice" server:

Xiadz has been relieved of his duties as a =RpR= member. He has continued to provoke Wanger calling him "wank" and continued killing him multiple times. This behavior is not acceptable in =RpR=, specially from those who actually know better. He is still allowed to participate and meet up with his friends on Discord and in game, unless he decides otherwise and eventually get banned.

Shay has lost All Admin rights. When any player on our servers, specially one of our members, is continuously being challenged and forced to make mistakes by those who could have chosen to protect him, instead they had joined the slaughter... on a public server with 15 players.

Commissar has lost his Moderator role. Joking around with friends is fine, but you need to know when you have to stop.

Future roles will be discussed with =RpR= Admins and then presented to our members and the community.

I'm sorry to disappoint you guys if you thought you'd get away with it... or have planned this to happen all along. Being part of this community, you need to keep up with the standards.

Love as always,

"Straight and narrow is the path."
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3 years 7 months ago #341 by Greg
Replied by Greg on topic Report bad players here!
Whatever complaint you got with them, alleged, or otherwise, that is not the way to do things. Stop hiding, behind ephemeral motivations, we all did some kind of nonsense while playing. I wonder why I'm not in this list, and I'm disappointed that I got away with it, really. I won't use another word on this conversation. My thought has been expressed, since we are in democracy, I guess...

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3 years 7 months ago #342 by Sasha
Replied by Sasha on topic Report bad players here!
are you not satisfied with Flo's decision?.
But I completely agree with him, it was not a good option to endure the antics of this these three further, this conflict between members of the same family, which began at the beginning of this year, should have been stopped, no one has the right to behave offensively towards others because people like Xiadz do not a place in our strong family called the =RpR= clan
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