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Report bad players here!

3 years 1 month ago #361 by Sasha
Replied by Sasha on topic Report bad players here!
These are emotions from insulting me on a national basis, of course you do not know this because you were not insulted because you are a Pole.

Well? he promised not to glitch anymore, or now everyone who knows how to play better than you will automatically become cheaters? I understand everything right?

He meant the game of you three against others on the DM server, and in response you wrote that you do not understand the animal language.

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3 years 1 month ago #362 by Xiadz
Replied by Xiadz on topic Report bad players here!
I would have to be weakling to get insulted by something like that... give me a break man and get a pair of balls, that guy is glitching all the time (should be banned, banned him before and for some reason he got unbanned) I was also just teasing him to stop, you should see how insulting and aggressive he got LMAO. About three against others... I don't know what are you talking about, as I said before I'm just an roleplayer.

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3 years 1 month ago #363 by Commissar
Replied by Commissar on topic Report bad players here!
I don't get this part of with the insulting thing, i'm not a Pole by the way but this community has a lot of Polish members and Pole is an offensive term so you might want to reconsider typing something like that

You keep saying he did but you were not there playing so couldn't see what i saw, you are an admin so you havve to stop being emotionally biased towards the guy, i get it same nationality and all but if he cheats and there is evidence your job is to ban him and don't protect him how did you get the admin rights in the first place if you are this emotianlally biased

I don't know what he means, and i definitely can't write something in response to something i don't know about

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3 years 1 month ago #364 by Sasha
Replied by Sasha on topic Report bad players here!
And damn it, I got it mixed up ...

National insult is one of the worst, if you didn't know of course.

Show evidence of his "cheating", I repeat once again for glitching, he apologized, if he repeated it then they would have taken a screenshot and complained about it, the guilt is that he plays better than you, I do not see.

he was definitely talking about playing in a 3-man team against others, which is not allowed on DM.

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3 years 1 month ago - 3 years 1 month ago #365 by Xiadz
Replied by Xiadz on topic Report bad players here!
Insults on the internet don't mean anything. If someone can't handle insults on the internet or in games, he/she shouldn't be on the internet in the first place... or at least not in the social aspect of it. Toxicity on the other hand, is something completely different, but don't confuse it with teasing. Teasing someone is a part of competition, so stop yapping about insults all the time because it's boring and means nothing. If that's not enough, he was insulting... or at least was trying to insult others too (multiple times), did anyone got hurt by his meaningless words? Of course not.

About 3-men group... As I said before, I don't know what are you talking about I'm just an roleplayer.

When I see an glitcher or cheater I try focus only on him to distract him from other players while they... other players, can have some fun and breathing room without glitcher/cheater on their ass all the time.

Matro was warned multiple times, "sorry I won't do it again" from his mouth doesn't mean anything at all. That's the problem with this community and clan as a whole, you look up at the rules and stuff only when you need to or when you'll earn something from it (satisfaction of fucking up someone for example). But when your friend is in some trouble because he broke the rules... you explain them instead of punishing them. Admin should be non-biased emotionaly and relationshipwise. 

No rules, no dignity or logic... just social cronyism, If you can put it that way.

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3 years 1 month ago #366 by snowman
Replied by snowman on topic Report bad players here!
Being rude to people is not the same as being kind. Kindness is a gift to offer someone. True kindness can only be given from an opened heart. It is easy to misunderstand it as something to be bargained with.

Using reason and one's intellect to the best of one's ability, doesn't mean that one is right. Being right does not necessarily mean you have to be logical. There are infinite variables that influence our lives. Ignoring or accepting any number of variables, you will never be right. Unless you become or know all variables, you are only one variable looking at a limited number of variables.

Humility is knowing that you are not always right. True humility does not mean one becomes humiliated by the world. It is only the courage to accept one's limited view and ignorance. Humility means recognizing your mistakes, while wisdom is trying to learn from one's mistakes and from others.

It is understandable that kindness is hard to give away. Specially when someone can mistake you for a fool. Acceptance of being the kind type of fool, without pretending, you can at least expect to be treated like one. Being a fool, doesn't mean you are right, it only means you are no longer ignoring yourself, others and the unknown.

Without emotion there is no experience. Without experience the is no life. Our emotions come and go, because they are impersonal. Only we can give them meaning because we attach them to events, recognized as personal. Kindness can be viewed as an emotion that rewards ourselves and the world. Being persistent about being kind will sometimes attract inconsistent emotions from the world, specially those who have been suppressed.

A world without laws is a world without a compass. Laws are applied with humility and kindness, based on reason and context. It is not a tool to seek punishment. Whether you are a fool for not knowing the laws or knowing and ignoring them, it doesn't mean that there are no consequences. Only a machine can be impartial because it has no knowledge. Anyone can consider laws are applied unfairly. There is always another chance to prove a mistake was made. Ignoring the laws and ignoring the given opportunities may have long term consequences on credibility.

Our community values every individual, whatever the qualities that are presented. We are a like family here. We intend to keep everyone happy to the best of our ability and continue to pay for the services that maintain our online presence for as long as possible. Anyone that considers our hospitality pleasant or unpleasant is not something we intend to control. We intend to move forward, no matter the cost.

Commissar, you have broken the rules several times yourself, recently and in the past. The same treatment has been applied to you as in the case of others, Matro included. It was overlooked because you have a friendly character, are a good comrade and act with good intentions. No matter the reason for your insulting remarks, this is not the behavior that characterizes =RpR= members. It is only the honest hope that if you wish to continue within our ranks, that you will apologize for the recent unhappy events.More specifically to ProSabre, Matro and Sasha. They will appreciate it.

Xiadz, your ban on our forum as been lifted to give you a final chance to apologize for your insults, specially to Sasha. If this will not be the case, your ban will be restored and any time you break the rules, your behavior will no longer be tolerated.

You have 24 hours to present your apologies.

Thank you and have a beautiful Tuesday!

"Straight and narrow is the path."
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