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Report bad players here!

3 years 1 month ago - 3 years 1 month ago #367 by Xiadz
Replied by Xiadz on topic Report bad players here!
Never insulted him, might screw around and joke but that's it and I'll always stand by that. If that hurt his tender soul let's be it I don't have be here, but I don't think it really did, It's just right with his narration and goal, same goes with you. If he would be hurt for real, not just for show I would apologize. Too bad it's not like that.

Your post is best example of it, Matro breaking rules... suuure fine covered behind Sasha, Sasha insulting others in his language so most of the people won't understand it SUUURE covered by... you(?), and this is just unimportant example that happened long while ago, and now we were talking about Matro not Sasha. Though when someone else wants to make a point by the same attitude, you ban and reject them because it suits your narration. That's just delusion and hypocrisy.




Can't even count times I've seen him glitch... Insult too if that's so important to you. Had to kick him few times when I was an admin. But sure it's not any proof except the fact that everyone knows how it is with him.

If that's not pals just being pals I don't know what is.
I didn't want to take it out... but if you want, sure.

When you were hiding under alias like a troll not an leader, on one event I was killing Ilya on purpose while playing (talked with him about it, you can ask him) just to get your attention and force you back, to at least ban me or something. Why? Because everyone was crying that "boo hoo i miss Flo, I want him back" this community would fall apart completely without you patting everyone here. But that's not the point, point is what you did next, instead of banning me on server you've banned me on forums. Why? To save your narration again... telling people that you kicked me from the clan even though I left on my own few days back, that's just laughable. Couldn't even talk for myself or defend myself, even if I would like to.

That's how it is here, you apply to the rules only when it fits what you think or more like...what you want, not what should be done. One of your pupils insults someone, not a flinch. Someone from the outside does it as a joke? You shit yourself.

Funniest thing is, I posted on this thread today (yesterday actually) to have some laughs and support report on Matro (because he should be banned, I'll say it again). Maybe even to try to come back here... but it's still pal covering pal's back. Nothing changed.

And one more fact at the end, I remember when you were banning people by just hearing members reporting to you privately, that people are glitching/cheating. Where the trust go? Now you tell people who report to you, to report here instead of taking care of it yourself.

Ban me again If you wish, will suit your narration. I don't even know why I'm trying to explain something to you AGAIN. I guess I'm just naive to think that people can be impartial/objective and fair. Spare me the emotion talk though, can't listen to it anymore how grown men are cry babies because someone on the internet was teasing them or was joking. Makes me cringe, deeply.


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3 years 1 month ago #368 by Commissar
Replied by Commissar on topic Report bad players here!
I will not apologize for something that was completly justified, of course there might have been rules that got overlooked and i might have did the same during the heat of it fine, but if someone needs to apologize is those who started all that being Matro until then i won't do jack shit also you might want to look into Sasha's admin rights since he is clearly with bias defending Matro, he is on his side and he is willing to overlook hard evidence to protect him, if he read the chat of the server he could have notice that Matro was doing the same +he was glitching/cheating not just that day but multiple days before that, what's the point of this topic if it's not doing what it is supposed to do, i'm pretty sure my other reports got ignored now as well which is kind of sad to see that i'm trying to make the community better by taking the screenshots and writing the reports and instead of a thank you i get a request to write apologys to people who are insulting and glitching every day on a steroids, Prosabre is another topic that i won't like to discuss here there are other platforms for that, and you Sasa if you can't see reason and logic i think you should retire from being an admin altogether this is not about protecting your friends and biasly attack me and overlook your friend's mistakes who clearly broke not 1 but 2 rules, and Flo banning me from the clan for this is just stupid not to mention the damage it would cause, do you know how much i did for this community, while you were out there in your alias doing shit i was trying to keep TLC, and what i still do is promoting the clan so other people can get to know about this community of players, if you still feel to ban me because i broke the rules go ahead but if you are going to do that, that means you are going to ban Matro and Sasha as well since they broke the rules too some more than others or we can look at another solution i'm open for disscussion since what separetes us from animals is that we are reasoable and don't judge by emotions generated by instincts

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3 years 1 month ago #369 by Sasha
Replied by Sasha on topic Report bad players here!
Some jokes of you and your friends are simply unacceptable in the civilized world, as an example of an insult to my family for the fact that we celebrate Christmas on a different calendar, and all the more insult to a person by nationality - when to call a Russian or Ukrainian animal. I see no reason to talk about other jokes and ridicule over the style of play during TLC games.

Again, we return to the topic of Matro, if he again violated the evidence, I say if he knows how to play better than you, then for you he is immediately a cheater, that's what I don't understand.

The moment with the throw of a grenade through the door - yes, this is a violation and he was punished for it then.

For the glitch that was two days ago, he apologized, if he did it again, just prove the evidence.

Hiadz - I have never insulted players in my own language, and I have never called other languages ​​the languages ​​of the living, and the fact that I constantly speak Russian with the same Ilya should not bother you, because this is just for convenience, so we understand each other better, you do you also communicate with each other in Polish?

The fact that Flo was hiding watching the clan is his decision and it is not for you to condemn him аnd the fact that you killed Ilya then on that open game is your own fault and problem.

Report on Matro? I say again, show proof of his guilt in something serious, if there was a glitch again why didn't you take it off?

Is private communication with Flo a problem?

I understand everything, but even before joining the clan, many issues with Flo were resolved in personal correspondence, I do not see any problem in this.


Once again I say show these weighty proofs of Matro's guilt, just the fact that he plays better than you does not mean anything, the same DanJ plays no worse than him, but for some reason he is not called a cheater, it's funny.

Yes, and initially I pointed out the fact of insult based on ethnicity that I saw while watching the server chat, and this is the main topic of discussion.

And I want to ask you where exactly I broke the rules? I haven't played at all for the last few weeks.

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3 years 1 month ago #370 by Commissar
Replied by Commissar on topic Report bad players here!
Let's go from bottom to top then

You insulted me on the forum

That was not the main topic of discussion and i don't know why you keep going on about it

The proof is plastered all over the prevoius topics this yet again proves that just because he is your friend you will protect him no matter what here is the evidence of that https://www.rprclan.com/forum/20-banned-players/3006-matro-s-ban-discussions
There is not always time to take a screenshot

If you are still going on about i tell you what is not acceptable in the civilized world insulting someones mother and being toxic is generally not accepted anywhere in the world, but of course you are still ignoring that because you need to protect your friends, you wouldn't be protecting them this much if you didn't know what was going on +bending the rules then simply saying i apologize then getting away with it is like murdering someone in real life then saying i'm sorry and the murderer can can walk free

Stop going on about your nationality,i do not care when do you celebrate christmas and i don't care about this nationality thing that you are keep going on about, maybe open another topic where you inform us about your peoples culture, it could be interesting

And since i played more with Xiadz then you i can tell you he never speaks Polish on a public server when there are non Polish member online because he has the decency to speak in a language that everybody understands unlike others

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3 years 1 month ago #371 by Sasha
Replied by Sasha on topic Report bad players here!
I protect my friend the same way you protect yours - and I say again, if he glitched again, then just provide proof of this, so far, apart from accusations of cheating based on the fact that he plays better than most, I do not see.

Insulted you? If you are about "smart" then there is nothing surprising, this is an emotional reaction to an insult in my direction.

I already understood that such statements like "stipid ukrainen & same animals really" mean nothing to you, but for me it is an insult to honor.

Didn't speak Polish to each other? at least I've seen this many times, and here it is more in the direction of what you said that I insult players in my language

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3 years 1 month ago #372 by Commissar
Replied by Commissar on topic Report bad players here!
I don't need to protect them because i know the won't cheat, i do not accuse someone who is cheating based on the fact that he is a better player, as you said DanJ never got reported even though i played with DanJ multiple times,

i don't really understand that part you might want to rephrase that but if you are doing the same thing then don't accuse me of doing it this is the most spineless behaviour one can do

Honor what honor, are we living in the middle ages i don't understand i don't care anymore as i said write a different topic where you tell us about your culture

He only speaks Polish if there are no people around even if he does he does so in a way that he tells people what he was talking about, and he never insulted someone in his langauge unlike others

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