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2 years 11 months ago #31 by MeToX
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Strange... it is not even reading/writing line by line, it just copies that whole chunk of text, but I am going to do some major changes to the mpmaplist feature anyway.

Is it possible to add extra folders to the list? I'm talking about the possibility of having the "Text" folder, which has the folders for each language. This can be used when we install a completely new mission to add the extract the extra text files in each of those folders. Just tested it, thinking it's possible, but this is not. It seems that the game recognizes any new file in each language folder, so we don't have to modify the original game files anymore, thanks to Winters.

I'm thinking if functionality/support for "Tables" and "PlayersProfiles" can be added also

Absolutely. This is probably the easiest thing I can do. With the next iteration I will add:
- Tables
- PlayerProfiles
- Text

Let me know if I should add more.
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2 years 11 months ago #32 by snowman
Replied by snowman on topic Mod Manager
I'm thinking about something not many people will use. I have to talk and test with Damni first. Also tested the new version on Linux today and it works as expected(without modifying mpmaplist)

"Straight and narrow is the path."

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